Pathway Communities

What are Pathway Communities?

  • Collaborative and integrative learning groups that connect people with shared passions and interests.
  • Environments that link faculty, staff, and students outside of the classroom in educationally purposeful activities 
  • Places to showcase existing activities and collaborate with partners across campus to create new ones.


Why should I join a Pathway Community?

  • To create a collaborative and holistic learning culture at WMU. 
  • To introduce people to new topics and be a part of an enriching intellectual community.
  • To generate interest in research and connect faculty, staff, and students in creative endeavors. 
  • To engage with faculty, staff, and students outside of the classroom in educationally purposeful activities that lead to deeper student learning and student persistence. 


How can I be involved in a Pathway Community?

  1. Enroll you or your organization in Experience WMU (see attached document).
  2. Choose a Pathway to be involved with.
  3. Meet with your Pathway Community at least once a semester.
  4. Be active in your Pathway Community’s social media. 
  5. Periodically give feedback on students reflections and see how they are progressing in their intended Pathway.
  6. Contribute to ongoing assessment of activities by reviewing Pathway opportunities and experiences .
  7. Serve as an expert in your Pathway area by contributing and sharing information, opportunities, research, and projects.
  8. When possible, aid students in networking and finding resources and opportunities in their Pathway area.
  9. Help develop opportunities for students to reflect on skills developed through engagement .
  10. Participate in P.E.A.K. (Providing Evidence of Active Knowledge) Experiences by attending fairs and celebrations held for students.

Join a Pathway Community

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