Student FAQs

What is WMU Signature?

WMU Signature is an opportunity for students to be recognized for the learning that occurs outside of the classroom.  By intentionally choosing events that speak to your unique passions, interests and talents we believe the experience and lessons learned along the way will make you a more well-rounded and marketable person.

Who can participate in WMU Signature?

All undergraduate and graduate WMU Students are eligible.  In fact, all incoming first year undergraduates, first semester transfer and first year graduate students are already enrolled in WMU Signature!

What does it mean to be enrolled?

It means you are part of the program without having to apply, but in order to earn your Signature you must go through the process.

What does it cost?

It's free!  Although various events that count towards your WMU Signature may have a cost associated, there are no required experiences that have a cost.

When can I start my WMU Signature?

Because your're enrolled, you already have! Now you can start attending events of your choosing, reflecting and making progress.

If you have not been enrolled, but wish to participate please use our Contact Us page to request enrollment. 

How do I submit reflections and locate my progress for my Signature?

All progress is tracked through ExperienceWMU.

Log into Experience WMU and click on circular icon in the upper right corner of the page (where your initial should be). Select the Paths options from the drop down menu and it will take you to a page where you can view your progress and submit your reflections. 

After successful completion of WMU Signature, your Signature Pathway designation will appear on your academic transcript and diploma.

Why should I be interested in WMU Signature?

By participating in WMU Signature you will be able to:

  • Connect the dots between all of your experiences in and out of the classroom.
  • Make meaning of, talk about and demonstrate skills gained from experiences.
  • Better market yourself to future employers or institutions.
  • Receive university recognition for your experiences.

Is WMU Signature a requirement?

No. WMU Signature is not a requirement, but it is beneficial to you.

Do I need to complete a Signature Pathway in order to graduate?

No. You do not need to complete a Signature Pathway in order to graduate.

What is required?

It's simple; attend events, reflect on how these events impacted you and present your final P.E.A.K. experience articulating how you've grown.  Then, we give you your Signature designation on your transcript and diploma.

How long do my reflections have to be?

There is no word maximum or minimum for your reflections. That being said, the quality of effort you put into your reflections will impact how much you gain from participating in WMU Signature. 

What is the time-commitment?

You get out what you put in.  There will be weeks where you may be attending a lot of events and writing a lot of reflections and then there may be weeks that you need a break.  WMU Signature takes that into consideration. 

How long does it take to complete a WMU Signature?

There is no time constraint.  Students are encouraged to move through their Signature at a pace that works best for them before graduation.

What is the length of the program?

WMU Signature is designed to be completed at your convenience.  Your progress in WMU Signature does not need to coincide with your academic progress.

How will I know what my deadlines are?

There will always be a helpful calendar on our website.