Student FAQs

What is WMU Signature?

WMU Signature is a student engagement program for student to reflect on their out-of-class learning experiences to explore and identify a passion that will be reflected on their WMU diploma.

Who can participate in WMU Signature?

All undergraduate and graduate WMU Students are enrolled.

What does it mean to be enrolled?

It means you are part of the program without having to apply.  Undergraduate students begin with "WMU Signature - Explore", and graduate students begin with "WMU Signature - Declare Pathway".

What does it cost?

There is no cost.  Although various events that count towards your WMU Signature may have a cost associated, there are no required experiences that have a cost.

When can I start my WMU Signature?

You may have started already.  Log into ExperienceWMU to view your progress and next steps.

If you are having any issues, please contact us to request assistance. 

How do I submit experiences & reflections, and locate my progress for my Signature?

A majority of experiences are verified by the host through event attendance.  You can check your attendance and WMU Signature progress HERE.  If you think you are missing credit for an experience, please contact WMU Signature staff.  If you have an experience where attendance was not taken by the host, you may submit your experience using one of our forms, available HERE.

All progress is tracked through ExperienceWMU.

Reflections should be completed periodically during your progress (after 4 & 8 experiences in Explore, and after 3 experiences in Focus), and are located in your Paths in ExperienceWMU.

Is WMU Signature a requirement?

No. WMU Signature is not a requirement, but it is beneficial to you.

Why should I be interested in WMU Signature?

  • Become more engaged on campus
  • Identify your passion and meet others who share that passion
  • Have a unique experience that you can talk about
  • Stand out from peers in job and graduate school applications and interviews

What is required?

Undergraduate students complete the Explore, Focus & P.E.A.K. Levels.  Graduate students complete the Focus & P.E.A.K. Levels.

  • Explore: 12 experiences, including one self-exploration item, and 2 reflections before declaring your Pathway.
  • Focus: 6 experiences, specific to your Pathway, and 1 reflection, plus P.E.A.K. Preparation (Orientation & Proposal).
  • P.E.A.K. (Providing Evidence of Active Knowledge): P.E.A.K. experience & fair presentation.

How long do my reflections have to be?

There is no word maximum or minimum for your reflections, but a minimum of several sentences is recommended. The quality of effort you put into your reflections will impact how much you gain from participating in WMU Signature. 

What is the time-commitment?

You get out what you put in.  There may be semesters you attend a lot of events and progress quickly, and there may also be semesters that you need to progress more slowly.  WMU Signature is set up to allow students to progress at their own pace.

How long does it take to complete a WMU Signature?

There is no time constraint.  Students are encouraged to move through their Signature at a pace that works best for them before graduation.

What is the length of the program?

WMU Signature is designed to be completed at your convenience.  Your progress in WMU Signature does not need to coincide with your academic progress.

How will I know what my deadlines are?

Important dates and deadlines will always be available on our website.  Contact us for additional questions or assistance.

Can I earn more than one WMU Signature designation?

As a new and unique program, the concept of WMU Signature will already be brand new to employers and graduate schools.  To avoid unnecessary confusion, we encourage students to earn only one designation.
STILL HAVE QUESTIONS?  Attend an upcoming WMU Signature BASICS session, or contact us to schedule an appointment.