Master of Social Work Student Organization

The Western Michigan University Master of Social Work Student Organization was established in 1969. Since then, the organization has dealt with the problems and issues that have confronted and affected social work students at Western Michigan University. The organization also acts as a liaison between students and faculty.

Officers are elected once per year. The officers conduct the meetings, record the minutes, and represent student concerns. The meetings are open to all M.S.W. students and membership has no requirement other than being a student in the M.S.W. curriculum. To register into the organization please visit MSWSO.

  • Flint Water Task Force

    Flint Water Task Force
    We felt compelled to assist Flint during its water crisis. We have partnered with Vernon Chapel church in Flint to distribute water directly to the people who need it most - people who don't live near Flint's water distribution centers and people who don't have cars and who just can't afford to travel to distribution centers. To date, we have delivered more than 30,000 bottles of water to the most underserved people in the city of Flint.

For more information about the activities of this organization, and times and locations for meetings, contact Dr. Donna Weinreich at or (269) 387-3193.