Certification in Law Enforcement

Criminal justice major: special law enforcement certification

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Students in the Department of Sociology have the option to enroll for Certification in Law Enforcement in cooperation with Kalamazoo Valley Community College. In this program you must:

  1. Complete the required courses (but not the elective courses) for the criminal justice major.
  2. Apply for admission for Certification in Law Enforcement.
  3. Once admitted, complete the required courses during your last two semesters at WMU.

Please note that taking the Policy Academy through Western Michigan University allows you to use those 34 credits towards your bachelor's degree but that you will pay at the Western tuition rate. If you do not need the WMU credits or would rather use those credits on other classes, you can take the Police Academy directly through KVCC. Under those circumstances Western does not have any role in your application or registration. 

The following courses at Kalamazoo Valley Community College are required in the program and are taken in place of the elective courses for the criminal justice major.

  • SOC 2610: Criminal Investigation (four credit hours)
  • SOC 2610: Criminal Law and Procedures (four hours)
  • SOC 2610: Emergency Vehicle Operation (two credit hours)
  • SOC 2610: Firearms (four credit hours)
  • SOC 2610: Introduction to Marksmanship (two credit hours)
  • SOC 2610: Medical First Responder for Law Enforcement (three credit hours)
  • SOC 2610: Patrol Procedures (four credit hours)
  • SOC 2610: Police Physical Skills (four credit hours)
  • SOC 2610: Police Practical Problems (three credit hours)
  • SOC 2610: Traffic (four credit hours)

Requirements and course descriptions

You will be required to take three hours of elective coursework and can count six hours for electives from the Kalamazoo Valley Community College Police Academy. Please consult with the academic advisor with any questions.