Post-Baccalaureate Prerequisite Sequence

ThePost-Baccalaureate prerequisite sequencein speech-language pathology and audiology at Western Michigan University willprepare you forgraduate studyin speech-language pathology or audiology. It was designed for students who have a bachelor's degreein something other thancommunication disorders or speech, language and hearing sciences.

After completion of the sequence, students will have completed the prerequisite SLHS coursework necessary to apply to most graduate programs in speech-language pathology or audiology. Students are advised to confirm the specific requirements of any graduate program they are interested in attending, as these may varyMany graduate programs require courses in topic areas other than SLHS (i.e., biology, statistics, etc.). Completing the post-baccalaureate course sequence does not guarantee admission into WMU's graduate programs in speech-language pathology or audiology.

Typical course sequence

  • Fall
    • SLHS 2030: Normal Language Acquisition Credits: 3 hours
    • SLHS 2040: Phonetics Credits: 3 hours
    • SLHS 2041: Phonetics Laboratory Credits: 1 hour  
    • SLHS 2080: Introduction to Audiology Credits: 3 hours  
  • Spring
    • SLHS 2050: Speech Anatomy and Physiology Credits: 3 hours  
    • SLHS 2051: Speech Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory Credits: 1 hour  
    • SLHS 2060: Hearing Science: 3hours - or - 
      SLHS 5010: Speech Science Credits: 3 hours


Students should apply to for the post-baccalaureate course sequence in SLHS as follows:   

  • Complete the departmental application and email it to using the subject line “POST-BACC Application.”

  • Applications need to be received by February 1 in order to receive full consideration for the following fall start date  

  • Attach any non-WMU, post high school transcripts. 

All applicants should contact Alyssa Eminhizer at for advising prior to application.  

Admission Requirements

  • Minimum undergraduate cumulative GPA of 2.5
  • Minimum of 48 college credits