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Fall 2019 cohort

Ethereal Motion, LLC

Video of Ethereal Motion, LLC

Ethereal Motion, LLC is a motorcycle technology-based company focused on creating innovative products to enhance the riding experience. Our company is backed by a highly knowledgeable team that is constantly working to develop new technology for the motorcycle industry. As we grow we will continue to release new lines of products, our specialty being in sportbikes and supersports. Whether you ride on the road or track, our products are designed to give you a more comfortable and superior experience.

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Feeding the Sheep

Video of Feeding The Sheep

Hungry people aren't just people who need their stomach fed. Many are physically filled, but their soul still craves for a different type of food. Our mission is to design a more effective and impactful Bible application that gives users a better understanding of the scriptures and also a feature that allows users to take notes during sermons. Users will have the ability to incorporate scriptures in these notes. The application also includes gospel rap and other types of gospel music.

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Gel Sleeves

Video of Gel Sleeves

Gel Sleeves is a company dedicated to restoring confidence in the elderly and those on blood thinners. Our cutting-edge design incorporates gel pockets into a soft cotton/lycra material, strategically placed over high impact areas. This design prevents bruising before it happens, rather than curing the bruising after the fact.

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Kiaer Research

Video of Kiaer Research

Kiaer Research is a firm that conducts applied social research studies to provide new knowledge, tailored solutions, and program/policy/product evaluation for businesses, nonprofits, and public entities. The insight-gathering tools include quantitative and qualitative methods like survey research, focus group sessions, in-depth interviews, data scraping, and statistical analysis.

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Video of Quantabella Sustainable Furniture

Quantabella Sustainable Furniture is a design-centered brand that utilizes local, repurposed, or upcycled materials and turns them into minimal contemporary furniture. Quantabella aims to provide the utmost quality in craftsmanship, sustainable awareness, and an authentic piece of furniture to our customers.

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Replicators is a design company that aims to enhance user experience with outdoor activities as they record videos and take photos. By using interlocking mini blocks that can be assembled into wearable connectors such as wristbands and headbands, users can easily attach their electronic devices to the assembled blocks as they activate their device to take pictures and videos.

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Viral News Network

Video of Viral News Network

Viral News Network is the news of the future. VNN is a social media news page for the millennial audience. The way VNN will achieve this is by getting its content from viral videos that are surfacing the internet. The reason VNN will report on this content is because of the general lack of context in these videos. The demand of context for viral videos is shown in the comment section. Also, since these videos are getting millions of views, shares, and likes, we understand that this is the content that viewers want to see on the VNN pages.

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Fall 2018 cohort

ABB Enterprises

Video of ABB Enterprises

ABB Enterprises LLC is a supply chain distribution company. This minority owned company distributes car accessory products to retailers and potentially manufacturers. The sole purpose of this company is to distribute new innovative products where demand for it can be proven so that they can be sold in stores. ABB Enterprises LLC is doing business as The Great Utopia.™ The Great Utopia™ sells and provides the data that will be utilized to prove demand for a product.

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Aria Décor

Aira aims to offer furniture to rent to students and other temporary residents in college towns. It will help students make a hassle-free transition from their homes to their college towns without having to worry about a comfortable lifestyle. The concept of garage sales in the country also is at its peak—where households sell their goods at extremely lower prices, and then end up not selling much of their goods. Aira Décor would bridge this gap by procuring the furniture from garage sales across college towns and cater to the demands of the students by either selling the furniture or renting out the furniture.

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BeOfficial is an online business propelled by the BeOfficial Movement, encouraging young adults and teenagers to get involved with officiating sporting events. By providing high-caliber interactive online training to our users, BeOfficial prepares officials for in-game situations on and off the floor. BeOfficial promotes a lifestyle of a tailored professional personal image, healthy nutrition habits and money management.

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Video of GoPoint Technology
GoPoint Technology

GoPoint Technology provides consumers with a safer way to travel with a small USB plug-in device that disables your phone while your vehicle is in motion. GoPoint plans on making the road a more enjoyable and less frustrating place to travel. Our device is smaller, more convenient, and more affordable then similar products in the market. The GoPoint NIX wants people to feel confident while driving around others in what would have been an unsafe driving environment.

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Video of Grill Hanger
Grill Hanger

GrillHanger is an early stage product idea that provides barbecuers with a vertical roasting option for their chicken, ribs or steak that hangs over the grill. GrillHanger plans to sell to barbecuers, outdoor chefs, grilling enthusiasts, restaurant, and potentially grill accessory manufacturers through the channels of direct to consumer and distributors for B2B. A few immediate goals we have for the company include refining the prototypes/MVP, applying for a patent, establishing relationships with the early evangelists, and developing digital marketing strategies. Our vision is to provide all barbecuers with new, innovative products to enhance the barbecuing experience.

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Video of Grue

Grue is an online platform that matches you with pet funeral parlors to ensure a pleasant journey for your furry friend. Grue provides personalized pet funeral services to assure the best fit for your furry loved ones. As your pet approaches their golden age, Grue allows you to pre-plan in a transparent, digital way, in order to curb any surprises that may come down the road if you were less prepared. Grue provides you with a service that allows you to compare different services, allowing you to make an informed decision without burning a hole in your pocket.

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Video of Leaving our Footprints
Leaving our Footprints

Leaving Our Footprints is an intentional tourism company focused on improving the lives of those who travel with us and the communities we travel to. Our business is self-improvement and service-oriented, impacting the world in the most positive way we can. Each trip is focused on one aspect of self that travelers may wish to improve upon. We are changing the language around tourism and taking it from just lying on a beach to really impacting and connecting with the world around us.

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Video of Motley Measurements
Motley Measurements

Motley Measurements is a startup company in Kalamazoo, Michigan, that seeks to find profit by engineering innovative solutions to both household and industrial measurement needs. Motley Measurements demands a higher standard of precision in daily tasks requiring measurements, and aims to introduce new methods of convenience to compete with current products. With their batch-manufacturing business model, Motley Measurements will serve the industrial and residential atmospheres alike, impacting any specific measurement procedure with efficient solutions.

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Video of Nonstop Music Live
Nonstop Music Live

Nonstop Music Live is a website for the streaming of live music. The purpose of our service is to give musicians the ability to market themselves to a global audience. Music enthusiasts receive the benefit of discovering new music with all the excitement of listening live. Nonstop Music Live is a vehicle of opportunity that will promote change in the music industry, giving everyone an equal opportunity to grow and learn.

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Video of Turtle Jump Technology
Turtle Jump Technology

Turtle Jump Technology LLC is a software development company focused on building software applications for the fields of behavior analysis and behavioral psychology. Our products will enable clinicians to provide more accurate, timely, and efficient services to their clients. Our first product is a mobile application for business analysts to collect and track continuing education credits at conferences. CE Lock is a mobile app available on Google Play and the Apple App store. Conference administrators use CE Lock to reduce the time spent on logging and producing paper certificates of attendance. Conference attendees use CE Lock to check in and check out of each session from the comfort of their seat rather than waiting in a line.

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Video of UnderDAWG Visuals
Under Dawg Visuals

UnderDAWG Visuals is a professional media company geared towards building the brand of the modern artist and entrepreneur. Started by Nick Dimas in 2016 out of Chicago, the company has spent the last two years building up the skills necessary for the craft as well as a steady client base coming from the Chicago, Detroit and Kalamazoo areas. Our services offer videography, photography and graphic design, all shaped around building a fully original media presence around a client’s professional brand. We specialize in music videos for artists and are well known for our use of special effects in a similar style to the editing process of Cole Bennet. On several occasions have created our own original special effects.

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Fall 2017 cohort

Blue Boards

Video of Amber Delgado Rev
Blue Boards is a one-handed, travel-friendly presentation roll board for viewing and revising large documents. This portable blueprint drafting board will keep prints in pristine condition.

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Video of Litvo
Litvo is an easy, fast and organized way of connecting with people nearby who want to do something socially with the four key features of 'Timeline', 'Post', 'LitSpots' and 'Connect.'

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MekaFly is a fixed-wing, unmanned aerial vehicle equipped with vertical take-off and landing technology. It will provide a cost effective means for local farmers around Michigan to perform crop dusting.

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Mystery Social

Video of Mystery Party
Mystery Social is an entertainment service where a host offers a murder mystery game. One of the guests secretly plays a murderer and the other guests determine who the murderer is.  The event can be fun for a corporate event, social party, wedding, birthday, etc.

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Video of Rev. U
Rev.U is a website that matches college students with products, events and groups based off their personality, preference and life experiences.

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Video of WeR..U
WeR..U offers a communication platform via a mobile application that will help connect you to colleagues, students and parents. The platform will allow faster and more efficient communication and you can control your own privacy.

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Science Cafe

Video of Science Cafe
Science Cafe is a coffee shop serving quality espresso, lattes and pourer coffee in a comfortable space. This revolutionary coffee shop will utilize equipment with data analytics which will ensure that each customer will get the exact drink that they desire.

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Ingenious Fitness Solutions

Video of Starting Gate 2016 Ingenious Fitness Solutions
Ingenious Fitness Solutions' primary product is the headphone protector. The headphone protector is applied to the ear cushion and headband of headphones. While it is attached to the headphones, it will absorb sweat and bacteria. After use, this product can be washed and reused in order to sustain a clean and healthy environment, as well as increase the longevity of the headphones.

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Video of Gilbonite
Gilbonite LLC focuses on technology to aid in the care for the autistic and developmental disability communities. Gilbonite technology specializes in translating enterprise data into knowledge. This improves patient care, increases best practice sharing, enhances operational performance and provides a platform for clinicians from multiple disciplines to collaborate. Gilbonite's current product line is enterprise software for caregivers in the autistic community. This product provides a platform for clinicians to capture, collect, store, analyze, report and share electronic medical records. This software helps to increase the ease and efficiency of every step from patient diagnosis to reimbursement.

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Authentic Import Motors

Authentic Import Motors is an import/export car company specializing in the import of specialty Japanese sports cars.  The company will also be able to repair and restore all makes and models.

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