Fall 2020 cohort

AgraGeospatial LLC

Pictured are Graeme Timmeney and Juan Lopez

The world is facing an increasingly dire climate crisis—people, plants and the environment are suffering. AgraGeospatial LLC works with organic farmers and cultivators to solve this problem. We provide insights on the health of crops and effectiveness of their organization. Using the latest geospatial technologies, AG LLC shows cultivators what their plants need to thrive. We teach organizations how to keep their personnel safe, happy and effective. In the next three to five years, AgraGeospatial aims to use maps and the science of behavior to solve the world’s biggest problems.

Chlo's Clothing

Chlo's Clothing is an online clothing shop that offers custom made crochet apparel, custom embroidered tops and other designed items all sustainably and ethically handmade by Chloe LePine. Chlo’s Clothing offers a wide variety of fashion styles such as vintage, retro, festival/rave and loungewear styles. Chlo’s Clothing takes great pride in creating colorful, unique and one-of-a-kind custom pieces that can be ordered in any size and made for any fit. Chlo’s Clothing’s mission is to create fashionably fun handmade items that are made sustainably, are body inclusive and of the most stylish design.

Impak Marketing & Promotions LLC 

Impak Marketing & Promotions LLC is a promotional products distributor based in Southwest Michigan. The sole purpose of our business is to provide companies and organizations with custom print materials, promotional products and apparel to help create lasting impressions and brand awareness. We also provide help in product recommendation for events and industry specific products to market to your target audience. A few of the capabilities Impak can offer is the ability to provide small businesses and start-ups smaller quantities and fast turnaround times, with no rush charges on most items.

Peak Development

Peak Development is a brand, ideology and mentality to embrace throughout daily life. The core of Peak Development is found through public YouTube content created by Jake Myers that focuses on physical, mental and financial development.

Transparent Beauty Co.

Transparent Beauty Co. is an eCommerce beauty retailer that focuses on helping customers determine the ingredients that irritate their sensitive skin. On our website, customers can input products that have caused irritation in the past and we will help identify the specific problematic ingredient to ensure consumers never have to guess what skincare products will work for their skin again. All products and brands sold on our site are cruelty-free, because we believe nobody should have to choose between finding products that work and doing the best thing for animals and the environment.

Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Starting Gate 2020-21

Kiaer Research

Kiaer Research is a firm that conducts applied social research studies to provide new knowledge, tailored solutions and program, policy and product evaluation for businesses, nonprofits and public entities. The insight-gathering tools include quantitative and qualitative methods like survey research, focus group sessions, in-depth interviews, data scraping and statistical analysis.

  • Nathan Browning, M.S.'20, founder and principal