Preparatory Program

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Students admitted to the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences Preparatory major begin their first semester in MATH 1110 (Algebra II). This placement is based on SAT/ACT math score or an equivalent transferable math course from other institutions. Students in the Preparatory major must pass MATH 1110 or an approved equivalent course from another institution, with a grade of B or better. They must earn that passing grade in no more than two attempts. Upon passing MATH 1110 with a B or better, students are then admitted to the major of their choice and are eligible for Pre-Calculus.

CEAS-Preparatory students are also enrolled in a cohort of classes designed to foster academic success. These classes include ENGR 2100 (an engineering based first-year experience seminar), ENGR 1002 (Introduction to Engineering Analysis) and EDMM 1420 (Engineering Graphics), if applicable to the student’s major of choice. ENGR 2100 is a course designed to teach effective study habits and time management skills and also to discuss engineering as a major of study and career path. ENGR 1002 is a supplemental applied algebra course that introduces engineering-related concepts parallel to the syllabus content from MATH 1110. In order to be a full-time student, preparatory students also take general education courses, required of all WMU students for graduation. If you have any questions or concerns about the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences Preparatory major, please contact the advising office at (269) 276-3270 and ask to speak to a staff advisor or click the link below.



All incoming WMU students with an ACT Math sub score of less than 27 must complete the ALEKS Math Placement Assessment prior to attending Orientation. Admitted students have several options to raise their math placement before the fall semester in order to start in their desired pre-engineering program, instead of the CEAS Preparatory Program. 

ALEKS Math Placement

The STEP Program offers a mathematics placement exam called ALEKS. This placement test allows us to better access the student's mathematics skills and provides remediation options if needed. Participation is voluntary. 

Students who want to change their current math placement using ALEKS must follow the steps outlined in the link below. Students should use the ALEKS mathematics Prep and Learning modules software to identify and improve weaknesses in their knowledge and improve familiarity of concepts and skills before retaking a proctored exam. 

Students who wish to enroll for fall 2020 should take the ALEKS Placement before meeting with the summer orientation advisor.


Algebra II Transfer Credit

Another way to fulfill the Algebra II requirement and begin in Pre-Calculus in the fall semester is to complete the equivalent of an Algebra II course at a local community college over the summer. Students must earn a B or better in the course in order to proceed to Pre-Calculus and the Pre-Engineering major of choice for the fall semester. When the course is complete, call the Advising Office at (269) 276-3270 and we will make the appropriate adjustments to the student schedule. Students will also need to send an official transcript from the community college to WMU's Admissions Office. 

Be sure to check the transfer course you intend to take is equivalent to MATH 1110 at WMU. Call the Advising Office at (269) 276-3316 if you have questions about which classes will transfer to WMU.