ALEKS Math Placement Tool


All students of the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences have the opportunity to use the ALEKS online math placement tool. ALEKS gives students the opportunity to increase their math placement up to Calculus I. Students begin by taking an initial online placement test which identifies weaknesses in math knowledge. Students can then use the recommended online learning modules provided within ALEKS to fill in any gaps in their knowledge. After using the study tools in ALEKS, students can then take a proctored ALEKS exam to submit their official score to WMU. Students may take up to five (5) proctored exams. 

Using ALEKS is voluntary and there is no monetary cost to the student. We are asking students to invest time in the ALEKS placement tool to improve their success at WMU. There is no disadvantage for students who choose to use ALEKS. Students who choose not to use ALEKS will be placed in courses based on their SAT/ACT math score. Students whose SAT/ACT score places them differently from what their proctored ALEKS exam score suggests may choose the math placement for which they feel most prepared.


Engineering students must obtain our ALEKS Course Code to create a free account. Please contact the CEAS Advising Office at (269) 276-3270 or email Anetra Grice at to request the 2019-20 ALEKS code. 


Once the course code is obtained from the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, go to the ALEKS website and follow the directions below.

1. Go to and select SIGN UP NOW! under the registered users box. 

2. Enter the 10-character course code in the area circled in red below and click CONTINUE. To obtain the code call the CEAS Advising office at (269) 276-3270.

3. Confirm enrollment information as it appears below and click on CONTINUE.


4. Select whether or not you have used ALEKS before and click on CONTINUE. If you have used ALEKS before, you will be prompted to enter your existing account information. 

 5. Complete the registration steps to create a new ALEKS account and click on CONTINUE. Remember your WIN is your "Western Identification Number." 

6. A confirmation email will be sent to the email address you provide. SAVE YOUR LOGIN INFORMATION!




1. Click the class link, "CEAS fall-2019, Fall-spring 2019 / Higher Education Math Placement" to enter the placement area. 

2. Take the tools tutorial (5 mins). This will teach you how to enter your answers (like fractions and formulas) online using ALEKS. 

3. Take the initial placement assessment (120 mins). ALEKS needs to determine your math placement as it stands now. This will provide an initial assessment of your math placement at WMU. Take an initial placement assessment on your own at home (un-supervised/unproctored). Remember, it's in your best interest to take this assessment yourself without help or seeking outside answers to determine your math placement. Students must use the Prep and Learning modules for a minimum of five (5) hours to be eligible to take a proctored exam. The Prep and Learning modules will fill in any gaps in your knowledge and help you track your improvement. You cannot take a proctored exam within 72 hours of taking this initial placement assessment. 

4. Take a proctored exam (120 mins). When you feel confident you've learned the material, schedule a proctored exam to submit your official placement score to WMU. Students must have logged a minimum of five hours of time in the Prep and Learning modules to be eligible to take a proctored exam. Once you've scheduled your proctored exam make sure you have not taken the un-proctored initial placement exam within 72 hours of your official testing date. If you do you will be locked out of the proctored exam. You can take up to 5 (five) proctored exams if you'd like to change your score. The deadline is July 20, 2019 to take the ALEKS proctored exam for fall 2019 registration.


ALEKS provides a percentage-based score for placement exams. Please see the table below for required scores for placement equivalencies. Please note: Algebra II is the minimum placement accepted for students who wish to to enter the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Either Math 1220 or Math 1700 is acceptable for all calculus-based programs in the College.

ALEKS Score WMU Course Placement
0-13% Pre-Algebra / Math 1090
14-29% Algebra I / Math 1100
30-50% Algebra II / Math 1110
50-75% Pre-Calculus / Math 1180
76-100% Calculus I / Math 1220
80-100% Calculus I / Math 1700


A student must complete the ALEKS math placement exam under the supervision of a verified professional (proctor). Only the results of a proctored exam can be used for official WMU math placement. Students are allowed 2 hours to compete the proctored exam. For students of the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, the deadline is July 20, 2019 to use an ALEKS proctored exam score for fall 2019 registration.

OPTION 1: Western Michigan University- The College of Engineering and Applied Sciences provides placement exams at Floyd Hall (GPS Address: 4601 Campus Drive, Kalamazoo, MI 49008). Students can register for an available math placement date and time. The WMU Math Department also provides scheduled ALEKS proctored exams through August. However,  please note students who wish to enter the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences must take the exam by July 20th to use the score for fall 2019 registration. See below to register for scheduled ALEKS exam times at both Floyd Hall and the math department.   

OPTION 2: High School Teacher/Guidance Counselor/Principal- Find a teacher, guidance counselor, principal, or other staff member at a student's high school to agree to proctor an exam. To be verified, the proctor must be visible as a staff member on the school's website and cannot be a family member of the student. The proctor will be expected to provide supervision while the student takes the exam. Please have the potential proctor contact Steve Culver at (269) 387-4517 to obtain the permission and instructions to be a proctor. Allow several days for this process to be completed before scheduling your proctored exam date. 

OPTION 3: Custom Exam Time-  If the available dates or options do not fit in your schedule. Contact Anetra Grice at to schedule an exam time at Floyd Hall that meets your schedule. 

FLOYD HALL EXAM DATES: If you choose to register to take an ALEKS proctored exam at FLOYD hall, your score will be available to us as soon as you complete the exam. 

WMU MATH DEPARTMENT EXAM DATES: If you take an ALEKS proctored exam with the WMU Math Department and increase your math placement,  you will need to contact Anetra Grice at with your updated score as soon as possible. This is especially important if you have already scheduled classes for fall 2019. We will use your new score to update your courses for the fall based on your new math placement. 



Anetra Grice
STEP Program Director
College of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Phone: 269-276-3316