Chair, Vice Chair and At-Large Application

Purpose of the Advisory Board

Bernhard Center Mission Statement: The Bernhard Center serves the campus community and enhances the academic experience by providing student focused facilities, services, and programs that foster interactive learning and collaboration.

The Bernhard Center Advisory Board assures that the Bernhard Center achieves its mission and provides unifying programs, services, and facilities for students, faculty and staff to engage in social, cultural, and intellectual activities and services, and to provide opportunities to broaden interpersonal relationships and self-enhancement at WMU. Board members meet regularly to provide input, review issues and concerns, conduct general business, and serve as a sounding board and advising body for the Bernhard Center administration. The time commitment is at minimum 2 hour per week, but could be as much as 3 to 5 hours for Chair and Vice Chair. Chair and Vice-Chair are paid positions.

Selection Criteria and Requirements

All applicants must be current WMU students. Members will be selected by BCAB based on the short answer responses and an in-person interview if possible.