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Overlooking Florence at Sunset

From Forgetfulness to Florence

Posted by Kate Pawlowski on

Whenever we pack for trips, the one thing that always goes through our mind is that we can’t forget this "one thing". We repeat it over and over in our heads that we absolutely cannot leave behind this one item, whether it is a prescription or a favorite personal item. In the end we either fail to bring it or end up forgetting something else! 

One Last Time Together

Posted by Victor Perez on

Victor Perez reflects on his group's time in India coming to a close

Lessons from Norway

Posted by Catherine Lemus on

After living in Norway, I now find myself taking a step back and allowing others the chance to grow comfortable with me before engaging. Respecting the privacy of others can be as simple as not asking too many questions in the grocery store or in line for the bus. Recognizing when others are taking time for themselves has allowed me to reflect more on my own thoughts and feelings while also soaking up more of my surroundings.

Dealing with Things While Away

Posted by Maggie Neuman on

Unless you plan to stay in the place that you are studying, at some point you will need to return to reality. That means you need to build a life for yourself for when you return to the United States which I have found to be challenging and even frustrating from abroad. Hopefully I can provide some constructive advice by sharing my experience but if nothing else this should demonstrate how important it is to think ahead when studying abroad.

Learning Curves

Posted by Sydney Linders on

While at Manchester, I took all literature and writing classes. I’ve been taking classes like these since starting college as a Freshman, but the ones at MMU came with a lot of learning curves. Each of the classes were one-part lecture, two-part discussion, creating a mixture of both that I feel is missing in American classes. Too often I feel classes are either one or the other and it was nice to get both. 

Erika Larsen Poses near a monument in Malaysia

Reflections on Malaysia

Posted by Erika Larsen on

Sophomore Erkia Larsen reflects on her time abroad at Sunday University in Malaysia. "After having spent time with my family and friends upon my return, I realized something. The things that I experienced and the people that I met while traveling, studying, and living abroad changed me!"

the group gathers to work on a project at a local NGO

Our Last Day in Bangalore

Posted by Joy Goldschmidt on

Joy Goldschmidt recounts the group's last day in Bangalore, India. The group had to change their itinerary due to local protests, but was still able to have a fantastic final day in India!

group shot at the Arabian Sea

Broncos Ahoy!

Posted by Anna Ryan on

Anna Ryan recounts the trip so far, from her time on the Faculty-Led Sustainability in India trip!

The whole friendgroup gathers to celebrate our "Friendsgiving" at my apartment

Celebrating Thanksgiving Abroad

Posted by Catherine Lemus on

The one thing that has made me a bit nervous about this time of year is knowing it is my first holiday away from home. Even while at WMU, home is only 20 minutes away which means I have shared every holiday of my life with my mom, sisters, grandparents, aunt and newly added uncle. To me, what makes the holidays special is spending time with close friends and family as well as baking on the daily (I’m obsessed)! The way that I decided to cope with missing out on an American Thanksgiving this year was to plan one in Oslo.

Life Lessons of Traveling

Posted by Katie LaRue on

Travelling abroad is exciting and sometimes challenging all at the same time. As I’ve been planning weekend trips whilst studying abroad, I couldn’t wait for what I’ll see and do in the new places I’ve chosen. Some places I’ve visited after my solo week long trip included Barcelona and Valencia (Spain), London (UK), Rome (Italy) and Lisbon (Portugal) and day trips to Madrid and Segovia (Spain).  Since my solo trip, I’ve built so much confidence in my travelling “skills” such as navigating myself around each city, using public transportation and budgeting my money for food and hostels.