Re-Entry Resources

Students reflect at a re-entry workshop hosted by WMU Study Abroad in August 2015

Many study abroad alumni find it helpful to reflect upon their experiences as they readjust to life at home and on campus.  Below are websites and publications that Western Michigan University recommends for comprehensive, helpful re-entry information. In addition to these resources, WMU Study Abroad hosts several re-entry workshops for students. For more information on re-entry workshops, contact Study Abroad Specialist Ryan Rounds or (269) 387-5890.

Guides to Re-Entry

Activities and Events


Study abroad transcripts

Center for Global Education’s AllAbroad—Refer to the section “Planning-Readjusting to Home” for re-entry information. 

Global Scholar—Online learning for study abroad. Developed by the Center for Education Abroad, this site offers a series of courses specifically designed to support students through the study abroad process—before you leave, while you're abroad and once you return.          

It's Your World—'s pre-departure handbook for students. Refer to Part V for re-entry information.

What's Up With Culture—Online cultural training resource for study abroad. Refer to Module 2: “Welcome Back! Now What?”


Useful books and articles

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