Share Your Story

Although our students are part of the most electronic generation in history, they still appreciate and are influenced by personal interactions with those that they can relate to.  In a 2015 survey given to WMU students preparing to go abroad, students overwhelmingly indicated that the two largest influences on their decision to study abroad were a professor and/or another student that studied abroad.  The immense influence that study abroad alumni have on their peers provides an opportunity to encourage and influence others’ decisions to study abroad.  There are several ways to share your story!

Tell everyone!  There is nothing more powerful than encouraging people in your life to study abroad through your own experiences.  Talk about study abroad with your professors, friends, and family!  The more others learn about your experience, the more they start to envision it as a possibility for themselves.

Volunteer: Study abroad alumni are encouraged to share their study abroad experiences by volunteering for study abroad outreach events, such as classroom presentations, information sessions at the flagpoles, Bronco Bash and the Study Abroad Fair. Alumni interested in volunteering should send an email to with the subject line "Volunteer." 

Share your photos: Because they are so visually appealing, the Study Abroad office relies on students' photos to help publicize WMU's study abroad programs. Photos are utilize in photo galleries on the appropriate Broncos Abroad brochure and for print and Web promotional materials. Photos may be submitted via email, a CD delivered to the Study Abroad office, or online photo albums. Study Abroad also has a Facebook page, where students can upload photos and tag friends, and an annual Study Abroad Photo Contest.

Submit a testimonial:  A testimonial is a written statement testifying to someone’s character, qualifications, or experiences.  In the case of study abroad, a testimonial from you would be a way for future students to read and learn about what it is like to study abroad and the types of lessons that they might learn.  Click *here to read a guide on how to write your testimonial.  While WMU Study Abroad will surely use your testimonial, you can consider spreading your testimonial further through publications that seek study abroad stories.  Click here to browse publications seeking study abroad stories.

Write Blogs: If you prefer writing shorter pieces that are focused on a specific topic, blogging might be perfect for you!  While most of our Bronco Bloggers Abroad blog while they are abroad, we would love to add yours in to the mix to help students prepare for their study abroad, find support while they are abroad, and stay connected when they return.

Connect with students considering study abroad: Prospective students enjoy having someone to talk to about the way things really are abroad. Please indicate your name, email and phone number in your evaluation if you would be willing to receive emails or phone calls from prospective students.

Become a conversation partner: Western Michigan University's Career English Language Center for International Students office has established the Conversation Partner program to help international students learning English as a second language advance their language skills, better understand the American college experience, and make connections with WMU students. Conversation Partner application.

For any questions about sharing your story, contact or (269) 387-5890.