Success at WMU

As a Presidential Initiative, Success at WMU is a reflection of the university's dedication to students. Through initiatives such as Peer2Peer eMentoring, The JED  initiative based Mental Health Outreach program, and the expansion of the Gateways to Completion program, Success at WMU is large-scale campus commitment to build a strong foundation and support system to enable students to complete their education and obtain their degrees.   



Peer2Peer a mentoring program designed to increase student success by offering new students the information necessary to successfully navigate the campus and the community. The program is designed to aid students during their adjustment to campus life, by sharing resources, offering opportunities to explore and engage with campus life and the community,  and increase their comfort levels as they adjust to the new environment.  

eMentors will aid incoming students in their goals to: 



How the program works 

All eMentors will encourage students to figure out what works best for them organizationally, personally, socially, and academically. This includes an emphasis on school-life balance. There are many things for first year Broncos to look forward to, both on the campus and within the community. Peer2Peer will help students to manage their academic and social responsibilities,. Learning how to handle both of these will help students to make the most out of their WMU experience.

Think of Peer2Peer as a launchpad to a successful experience at WMU and beyond. This one-year program begins after Fall Welcome, with contact from an eMentor. This eMentor will be available throughout the entire first academic year, checking in regularly to ensure the resources and information shared is relevant and up-to-date. Peer2Peer eMentors are here to help!