Meet Your eMentor


Meet Your eMentor

Are you curious about your eMentor? Success at WMU is proud to introduce our 2019-20 eMentors. Peer2Peer eMentors reach out to all incoming freshman at the beginning of fall semester. Our eMentors come from a variety of backgrounds and are currently enrolled in an array of degree programs. They all have one thing in common, however, and that is the desire to help new students during their transition to Western Michigan University and the Kalamazoo community! Consider them your internal guides to WMU campus culture and the campus experience!


Aashray Shrestha

Major: Biomedical Sciences | Minor: Chemistry

Favorite Restaurant: Nandos

I am a 21 year-old Computer Science major who came here to study from Kathmandu in Nepal. I enjoy watching Game of Thrones and am a big I never turn down food. People might describe me as being in my own world, always listening to music, and not the world's best driver. I am a passenger of multiple airlines, and awkward adventure, and a last-minute worker. I am a live human - an alive human.

Alanis Peguero Morillo

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Favorite Movie: Matrix

Hello! I’m a senior mechanical engineering student from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Although I’m relatively new to Kalamazoo, I am in love with this city! Some of my favorite things to do here are winter activities, trying new food (Indian is my favorite so far) and hiking in some of the wonderful trails nearby. I’m very excited about being an e-mentor this year, so I can help fellow students and meet cool people.

Alexa Murphy

Major: Music Therapy

Favorite Food: sushi or popcorn

I am a junior from Cary, Illinois and am studying Music Therapy. I have been involved with WMU Choirs for two years and am excited to be singing with Women’s Chorus in the fall! I am also on the executive board of A Moment of Magic, a national non-profit that provides character visits to medically vulnerable children. This will be my second year working with Success at WMU, and I am excited to continue to support WMU’s first year students!

Alexandra Leone

Major: Early Childhood Education | Minor: Music

Favorite Book: Paper Towns by John Green

I’m from Clinton Twp., MI and I am currently studying Early Childhood Education with a minor in Music! I would love to teach Kindergarten and potentially get my masters in order to gain administrative positions within education. If anyone knows me, they know I am obsessed with giraffes and the movie Tangled. I am currently a part of Chi Alpha and Early Literacy Pals, but I am further interested in joining A Moment of Magic! My main passions are helping others, music, and children

Amanda Anderson

Major: Early Childhood Education

Favorite Food: peaches, apples, and peanut butter

My name is Amanda Anderson and I’m from Allegan, Michigan. I’m studying Early Childhood Education and hope to teach Kindergarten. I will eventually to go grads school to get more certification in Special Education and a minor in American Sign Language. I’m the secretary for Early Literacy Pals, and RSO on campus, and I attend CRU, a campus ministry. This is my fourth and final year playing trumpet in the Bronco Marching Band. I also love to read.

Ana Nunez

Major: Secondary Education – Biology  | Secondary Education - Chemistry

Favorite Music/Artist: Ozuna or Jcole

I´m from San Jose, Costa Rica. I’m a Junior with a major in Secondary Education in Biology, and a minor in Chemistry. My career goal is to have my own school back home. I love spending time with my friends, playing tennis, and coloring. My two favorite NBA teams are the Warriors and Spurs. My favorite colors are royal blue and orange. I´m excited to be an eMentor, because I want to bring joy and support to new student

Avinash Sah

Major: Physics & Economics

Favorite Movie: Game of Thrones

I am an international student at Western. I come from the country of Himalayas - Kathmandu, Nepal. My major includes Physics, Economics, and mathematics as my minor. As I am an aspiring Physicist and Economist, I have always moved forward to become a Research Entrepreneur. Talking about food, I love Momo’s. Also, my favorite books include “The Alchemist” and “A Brief History of Time.” My Favorite thing being an eMentor is to know, help, and learn from people of different diversities and communities.

Connor Abell

Major: Speech Pathology | Minor: Management

Favorite Place in Kalamazoo: WMU Soccer Fields

My hometown is Schoolcraft, Michigan. My major is Speech Language Pathology. I want to work in schools helping children with speech disorders. My favorite restaurant is Maru Sushi in downtown Kalamazoo. In my free time I like to play and watch soccer. I also like to play Spikeball with my friends. I'm excited to be an eMentor because I love to help students feel more comfortable being at WMU and I want to make everyone feel like they belong here!

Emily Kula

Major: Special Education

Favorite Movie: Safe Haven

I am currently an 18 year old sophomore from Kentwood, Michigan. I am studying special education but I’m not sure what level of school I want to teach yet. I have two brothers, one also goes here as a senior and one is a junior in high school. I am in the national honor society and part of a group called His House Christian Fellowship. I also have another job on campus at the Valley Dining Center.


Hanna Chestnut

Major: Child and Family Development

Favorite Food: Sushi/Hibachi


My hometown is Allegan, MI. I am a Child and Family Development major with aspirations to become a Child Life Specialist. An RSO I am part of is Cru. A couple random facts about myself are that I was born three months early and showed pigs for 13 years. I am excited about becoming an Ementor, because it will give me the opportunity to help people learn, grow, and experience new things, which is something I am very passionate about!


Jade Schwark

Major: Electrical Engineering & Multimedia Arts Technology

Favorite Book: Origin by Dan Brown

I grew up in Algonac, located on the east side of Michigan – right on the water. My favorite pass-times include boating and jet skiing and playing music. I am currently a sophomore here at Western, dual majoring in Electrical Engineering and Multimedia Arts Technology. My career goal is to find a job where I can design/innovate sound technologies, preferably in the live music realm. I am super excited to be an eMentor because I want help new Broncos to feel like they’re at home!


Kiera Harter


 Major: Audiology  |  Minor:  American Sign Language

Favorite Music/Artist: Fleetwood Mac / The Doors

I started my journey at Western Michigan University in 2016 when I left my hometown of McHenry, Illinois behind and jumped right into the college of Health and Human Services where I am currently becoming an Audiologist with a minor in American Sign Language. In my free time I love to hangout with my friends and cook authentic recipes from our families and snuggle and play with my rescue kitty Ciri!

Kyra Griffin

Major: Criminal Justice  |  Minor:  American Sign Language & Legal Studies

Favorite Restaurant: Red Robin

I am from Detroit, MI. I major in criminal justice with a double minor in American Sign Language and legal studies. After I graduate, I plan on going to law school and becoming an attorney. In my free time I love to go to the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts and other places that are downtown. I am excited to meet, and mentor new Broncos and I can’t wait to see the success they have here at Western!

 Lauren Kowal

Major: Music Performance: Oboe & English

Favorite Place in Kalamazoo: Kal-Haven Trail

I am from Troy, a suburb of Detroit. I am a junior double-majoring in Oboe Performance and English. My schedule constantly has me running between classes, rehearsals, and meetings, but you can also find me running around Kalamazoo with Club Running at WMU! In my free time, I watch MUAs and playing with makeup. I love live theatre, so you can almost always find me in the audience of local shows. I am a Sagittarius, and I love exploring Michigan.

 Lorna Sture

Major: Criminal Justice & Social Psychology   |   Minor:  Addiction Studies

Favorite Place in Kalamazoo: Waldo Library

I am originally from England but moved to the United States in 2010. I am in my third year here at WMU and will be graduating in the Spring! My goal once I graduate is to attend Law School. I am a double major in Criminal Justice and Sociology with a Psychology concentration. I’m a huge Red Wings fan and I’m excited to be an eMentor because I want to aid students in making the transition to University/WMU easier!

Paige Callahan

Major: Human Resources  |  Minor: General Business

Favorite Movie: If I Stay

 I’m from Chicago, IL and I’m a huge Chicago Cubs fan! I’m currently a junior in the Haworth College of Business studying Human Resource Management with a minor in General Business. I’m involved on campus through my honors fraternity, Alpha Lambda Delta, and I’m on E-board as the recruitment chair for SEHR. I’ve learned a lot throughout the past two years here at Western, and I’m excited to give advice and learn a few things from all of you!

Rohini Perera


Major: Public Health  |  Minor: Gerontology, Social Work

Favorite Place in Kalamazoo: Kalamazoo Mall

Born and raised in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), I am currently a Public Health major admitted in the College of Health and Human Services (CHHS) with minors in Gerontology and Social Work. Epidemiology and palliative care are some things that I am really passionate about and hope my future career revolves around these fields. As it weird as it sounds, groceries are something that make me tick and I could spend hours just window shopping at a grocery shop.

 Scout Marson

Major: Occupational Therapy

Favorite Music: House/Pop Music

I am from a small city on the east side of the state called Madison Heights. This year I will be a junior at Western and my major is occupational therapy. While I do not know exactly what I want to do in this field, I have a passion for helping others and am super excited to do this every day in my future career! Finally, my favorite spot on campus is the library—it’s an awesome study spot.

Shannon Heraty

 Major: Integrated Supply Management | Minor: Accounting

Favorite Food: pizza

I'm from Lake in The Hills, IL and I'm majoring in Integrated Supply Management with minors in Accounting and General Business. My career goal is to work for a company in a big city, preferably Chicago! I have a twin sister, and I enjoy being with friends in my free time. My favorite spot on campus is at Sprau tower. I’m excited to be an eMentor because I get to show what WMU has to offer that'll help you succeed!

Theresa Hermann

Major: Film, Video, and Media Studies  |  Minor:  Journalism & English: Creative Writing

Favorite Place in Kalamazoo: Asylum Lake

I am a senior Film, Video, and Media Studies major with minors in Creative Writing and Journalism. I hail from Marquette, Michigan which is only a short eight hours north of Kalamazoo. I was encouraged to go to Western by a friend of my family and have loved every minute of it. Hopefully, as a peer mentor, I can help others enjoy their time here too.

Zoe Bowers

Major: Nursing | Minor: Holistic Health

Favorite Place in Kalamazoo: The walking mall in downtown Kalamazoo

I am from Chelsea Michigan, I am perusing a degree in nursing and minor in holistic health and wellness. I hope to be a labor and delivery nurse. I am excited to be an eMentor because the transition to college can be difficult and as a freshman, my group allowed me to meet so many people, that are still some of my best friends. During the school year when I need to study you can find me at any table close to a big window in Waldo Library. I love looking out the windows when I need a study break!