Peer2Peer Committees

Peer2Peer committees and the expectations for committee members

Committees are specific assignments to individual eMentors that provide an opportunity to focus on a specific area within the Peer2Peer program. Committees are chaired by Graduate Assistants and the Media Intern. They provide difference connections to other eMentors, Peer2Peer staff, and new students. Committees will meet regularly throughout the academic year.

Committee membership is a part of the eMentor position and all members are expected to:

  • Attend committee meetings and actively participate in committee activities
  • Supply reports at staff meetings, when requested
  • Be innovative


Purpose of committees and benefits for eMentors

Committees serve one of two main purposes:

  • Utilize eMentor feedback, effort, and input to better the expeirences for themselves, other eMentors, and the students being served.
  • Provide additional development oppoprtunitites and recognition for eMentors and students

Consider the committees as an opportunity to learn new skills, hone existing skills, and network.  EMentors gain additional experience applicable to their individual development, campus involvement, and future positions - career and otherwise. The value and effort they put into these committees will be reflected in the value and worthiness of the skills they achieve.


The Committees

Hiring & Training Committee

Instagram Committee

Newsletter Committee

Recruitment & Recognition Committee

Video Committee