SAP University Alliance

SAP University Alliance logoSAP AG is the largest supplier of enterprise resource planning software systems. The Haworth College of Business joined SAP’s University Alliance program in 2002. Membership in the University Alliance program provides students in the college with hands-on access to SAP’s ERP software. ERP software allows a firm to manage its business processes in a real-time, integrated fashion. Many corporate partners of the ISM program use SAP’s ERP software, including John Deere, Kellogg, Whirlpool, Kohler, Monsanto, Perrigo and Texas Instruments. 

Dr. Bret Wagner has been instrumental in bringing SAP software into the curriculum. Wagner is co-author of Concepts in Enterprise Resource Planning, a leading introductory text on ERP systems. This text is used in MGMT 3200—Managing ERP Systems, where students spend the semester configuring SAP’s ERP software to manage a company.