Try-Z capstone course for ISM students

Applied process re-engineering course

Before graduating from Western Michigan University's integrated supply management program, all students must take the applied process re-engineering course, more commonly called Try-Z. This experiential learning course uses a manufacturing simulation to focus on the application of quality management concepts and tools to improve process performance. The course demonstrates to students that data-driven investigation that facilitates structured problem solving to support knowledge-based decision-making that enables innovation leads to significant improvements in quality and productivity.

Course overview

  • Capstone course for the integrated supply management curriculum.student working on model
  • Takes place over three days in a classroom laboratory.
  • Intensive, executive-education-style experience.
  • Offers hands-on experience improving the productivity and output quality of process methods used to assemble model cars.
  • Students work in problem-solving teams.
  • Students use Deming's Plan-Do-Act management cycle to conduct root cause analyses to identify and eliminate impediments to achieving high quality and productivity.
  • Continuous improvement and quality management tools and techniques are used to support students' analyses.
  • The benefits of process standardization and improvement are documented and discussed.
  • Students complete a team project in which they apply the tools and techniques demonstrated in the classroom laboratory in a less structured setting.

Course details

  • Prerequisites: Senior standing
  • Restrictions: Majors or minors in integrated supply management only
  • Registration: By permission of instructor only
  • Credits: 3 hours
  • Course: This course is cross-listed as MKTG 4880 and EDMM 4880.