Minor and Second Major Options

Students in Western Michigan University's integrated supply management program may elect to earn a minor or second major in place of the six credits of elective. Among the minor and major options, accounting, business analytics, and international business are choices that significantly enhance the career potential of supply chain majors.

Business analytics minor or major

The business analytics minor or major equips students with the analytical skills needed in a data-driven business setting. This is a growing field with direct relevance to activities in many business disciplines.

Possible professional activities:

  • Data mining
  • Knowledge management
  • Predictive analytics

Accountancy minor

A minor in accounting is particularly useful for those pursuing a career in procurement. Many procurement organizations perform cost analyses on procured parts as part of their negotiation process. Students earning a minor in accounting should focus on managerial and cost accounting.

International business minor

Supply chains are global, and an international business minor can be easily earned in conjunction with a semester of study abroad. For more information about an international business minor, contact Dr. Bret Wagner. Students with this combination have an increased chance of international travel or overseas assignments as part of their supply chain career.