graphic for ISM Day of Giving 4.11.18 ISM Day of Giving is an annual online fundraising event that gives alumni, industry partners, students and friends of Western Michigan University's integrated supply management program a chance to unite to make a difference in the lives of current and future students.
Missed out on participating? Don't worry, you can still donate and make a difference.


Giving linkSince its inception in 1992, Western Michigan University’s integrated supply management program has grown in stature and recognition. Gartner ranks the program among the top 10 in the nation in overall supply chain management undergraduate education. In 2015, Software Advice ranked the ISM undergraduate program No. 2 in the U.S. for emphasizing technology, software, and quantitative tools in its curriculum.

Your investments in our program will help us continue to advance in stature and recognition, and become the No. 1 supply chain management program in the country.

As the ISM program continues to grow and expand, there are many ways our alumni and friends can get involved and support:

  • Center for Integrated Supply Management
  • Student Support and Scholarships
  • Experiential Learning Laboratory
  • Program Support
  • Internships/Externships
  • Job Opportunities

To hear more about these exciting opportunities, contact

Tom Egan
Director of Development
Haworth College of Business
Office of Development and Alumni Relations
(269) 387-8700 |

Dr. Robert Reck
Center for Integrated Supply Management
Haworth College of Business
(269) 387-6107 | Email Robert Reck

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Center for Integrated Supply Management

The center creates a focal point for supply chain management education, research, and resources. The purpose of the space is to stimulate communication, collaboration, and innovation among faculty across disciplines, among executives across industries, and among students across fields of study. Such diverse interaction provides a forum for inducing cultural change, speeding up innovation and enhancing the learning process, thus moving supply management thinking to the next level of performance.

Endowed professorship

Endowed professorship provides the program the opportunity to recruit and retain the highest-quality faculty, the most-creative researchers and the most-engaged teachers. It supports the innovative research and collaboration that pushes the frontiers of scholarship to the next level of performance. Students have the opportunity to interact with, be mentored by and engaged with some of the most talented scholars in the world.

Experiential learning laboratory

An experiential learning laboratory provides a non-traditional space where faculty can create and students can experience a new paradigm in supply chain management education where information technologies, engineering principles and supply chain concepts are married into one classroom experience. Innovative coursework that would integrate predictive and business analytics with product and process design decisions that would feed target costing, quality management, six sigma projects and ERP systems. Coursework that marries supply-focused processes with demand-focused process to create the ultimate customer value. Such a collaborative learning environment can move supply chain education to the next generation. 

Student support

Scholarships establish partnerships between businesses-individuals, students and faculty and results in creating an esprit de corps that attracts talent, creates enthusiasm and devotion that results in elevated performance and attitudes, thus providing a competitive pool of talented candidates for scholarship sponsors.

Student scholarships

Scholarships establish partnerships between businesses or individuals, students and faculty and results in creating an esprit de corps that attracts talent and creates enthusiasm and devotion that results in elevated performance and attitudes, thus providing a competitive pool of talented candidates for scholarship sponsors.

Bronco Force support

Bronco Force is the platform in which the center applies its student and faculty resources toward solving critical supply chain problems for our industry partners. Funds are needed to develop and maintain the infrastructure necessary to support Bronco Force projects. Monies will be used for a graduate assistant to help manage projects, for site visit expenses, for software licensing and to provide student volunteers with scholarships.

Faculty support

Faculty challenge the current paradigm of their field through research of the salient issues challenging businesses. The results are disseminated to papers and presentations and integrated into classroom discussion, thus moving to a new level of performance.  Additionally, faculty attendance to conferences and conventions, provide opportunities to share information, refine ideas and concepts and identify new ideas and problem areas for research.