Pursuing a career in supply chain management is a slam dunk for Megan Wagner

When the NCAA added a year of eligibility for athletes during the COVID pandemic, junior Bronco basketball player and integrated supply management major Megan Wagner knew she had an opportunity to boost both her academic and athletic pursuits.

And with the help of her academic mentor, Dr. Sime Curkovic, professor of supply chain management, she is doing just that—revising her plans so she graduates with a bachelor’s degree in supply chain management in only three and a half years and using her remaining NCAA eligibility to also earn an MBA.

“I have an amazing support network that consists of my parents and family, coaches and staff, teammates, friends, professors and advisors here at Western. They enable my success on the court and in the classroom,” says Wagner.

That success was evident in 2021-22 when Wagner’s first full basketball season landed her on the Academic All-MAC team where she started and played in all 30 games. She also began courses specific to her major in the Haworth College of Business, maintained a 4.0 GPA and earned her first internship with The Kellogg Company as an indirect procurement intern.

“While I pride myself on giving everything that I can to my sport and my teammates, I know that my education will enable me to reach success for the rest of my life. I believe it is important to have balance in your life between school, sports and any other activities that bring you joy,” says Megan, who also practices 20 hours per week during the basketball season. “Time management, prioritizing and hard work are all critical pieces to my success during the first two years of my college career." 

It’s the same work ethic she plans to apply to her future career.

“As Dr. Curkovic always highlights: ‘Demand greatly exceeds supply’ for individuals entering the field. I know that I will be entering a world where my work will be in high demand and of great value. Most of all, my work will bring meaningful importance in the field of supply chain.”

Megan is particularly excited about continuous process improvement—a practice in supply chain management that maximizes operational efficiency, generates higher productivity, and yields energy—and cost-savings. It’s a critical aspect of the field and something that greatly interests her.

“The field of supply chain faces many challenges,” says Megan. "Everything within supply chain is connected in one way or another, which means that new challenges can come from any direction. As a result, this leaves room for new opportunities and growth within the industry. “

Megan Wagner with Kellogg's Tony the TigerDuring her internship at Kellogg, Megan was able to experience the excitement and challenges of her chosen field.

“I had a phenomenal internship experience this summer at Kellogg’s where I was an indirect procurement Intern on the logistics team. This internship opportunity provided experience to a side of supply chain that is often overlooked yet may be the most important to any company. I had the opportunity to work on meaningful projects that will help Kellogg’s and will extend beyond my time working at the company. I had the chance to work on projects from beginning to end that included working on a sourcing event from start to finish.”

When she completes her time at WMU in the spring 2025 semester, Megan will turn her energy toward her career. “The most important thing that I have learned is that in whatever role I may have in the future, it is critical to find a way to add unique value to the company,” says Megan. “If you are able to add value, you will be irreplaceable.”

You can follow Megan’s challenges on LinkedIn and on the court.