Dr. Zac Williams: Haworth College of Business Research Award

Pictured is Zac WilliamsCoupling academic acumen with practitioner experience has made Zac Williams, director of the Center for Integrated Supply Management and associate professor of marketing, a thought leader in the supply chain industry. This is evident through his innovative research profile, which boasts six peer-reviewed articles since 2018 alone. Zac’s research productivity shows no signs of stopping, which is why he was recognized this year with the Haworth College of Business Research Award.

Zac has dedicated much of his career to impactful research in supply chain and logistics that affects academic, professional and public communities alike. As one example, he is currently collecting data on gender stereotypes in transportation and anticipates a public policy dialogue to develop based on this work. He has also presented at the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals, one of the largest global supply chain organizations. Additionally, Zac has found notable success in publishing research in different disciplines related to supply management, such as marketing.

Since the beginning of his doctoral studies in 2004, Zac has produced an outstanding 32 peer-reviewed publications, seven editorial publications, five books or monographs, and 16 conference proceedings, as well as four research grants and one sponsored research project. The importance and quality of his work is evidenced by his being published in the top three most influential journals in the industry. Impressively, Zac is first author on more than a third of his publications. 

Zac continues to be a prolific researcher in addition to his demanding teaching and administrative roles. “Research is the way to stay connected to the business community,” he says. “If practitioners are reading our work, my hope is that it not only helps them make decisions, but also makes them think ‘Broncos first’ when there are needs for talent. I work with a great group of colleagues at WMU with a diverse set of ideas and skills, which is great for collaboration.”