SSG Allocations Committee

The Student Sustainability Grant Allocations Committee (SSG-AC) is the official allocations body for the Student Sustainability Grant Program, which was created through the WMU Sustainability Fee in 2010. The SSG is designed to support student research, activities, and initiatives that will foster a campus culture of sustainability and benefit all members of the campus community. 

The SSG-AC is composed of nine undergraduate and two graduate students from Western Michigan University chosen to allocate this year’s Grant Fund budget of $75,000 to student projects. Each undergraduate student must be appointed and then confirmed by the WSA. They must also maintain a good academic standing as determined by WMU standards.

Graduate students are selected directly through the Graduate Student Advisory Committee. 

The Office for Sustainability manages the initial grant development process so that the grant review process by the SSG-AC will be blind. It will also offer guidance to students once grants have been approved. Student Affairs is the fiduciary home for the grant allocation process. 

SSG-AC members are expected to attend occasional meetings called by the WSA Sustainability Chair, as well as deliberations, which will be twice a year. Prior to deliberation times, training sessions will be conducted for new SSG-AC members as schedules allow. 

SSG Allocations Committee Nomination Form