SSG Allocations Committee

Please nominate WMU students to the WMU Student Sustainability Grant Allocations Committee (SSG-AC). The SSG-AC is the decision-making body of the WMU Student Sustainability Grant (SSG) program. The SSG supports campus-based student research, projects, activities, and initiatives.

SSG-AC members review competitive student grant proposals during Fall and Spring semesters and decide which proposals will receive grant funding. Members gain valuable experience working with a multidisciplinary student committee. Members consider whether proposed grant projects have the potential to advance our campus culture of sustainability or lead to climate change solutions. The committee allocates up to $100,000 per year in new grant awards.

The SSG-AC includes two graduate and nine undergraduate students from WMU. Graduate students are appointed directly by the Graduate Student Association. Undergraduates represent all WMU colleges, and each undergraduate student must be appointed and then confirmed by the Western Student Association.

SSG-AC members are expected to attend occasional meetings called by the WSA Vice President for Sustainability, Brendan, as well as allocation deliberations, which occur after Thanksgiving and again after Spring Break. Prior to deliberation times, training sessions may be conducted as schedules allow.

Nominators should provide the information requested below in an e-mail to Brendan at Self-nominations are allowed.


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  • Relationship to nominee (e.g., friend, mentor, instructor, self nomination)


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  • Description: Why do you think this nominee would be a good addition to the SSG-AC? (2-3 sentences please)