Projects and Initiatives

vans parked in front of an array of solar panels

Our electric vehicle infrastructure is one of the initiatives that makes WMU one of the Best Green Colleges in the U.S.

The Office for Sustainability hosts a variety of initiatives developed and led by students, faculty and staff. Current projects include an annual Student Sustainability Survey, sustainability events, bike and pedestrian friendly campus research and the EcoEssentials program.

WMU's Solid Waste Reduction program, housed within the Office for Sustainability, works with every department on campus as the WMU community works toward a zero-waste policy. The Solid Waste team publishes guides to promote sustainability on campus and conducts research on campus recycling initiatives.

The Gibbs House is an emerging program run by the Office for Sustainability that serves as a living laboratory for students to implement their sustainable design solutions and projects. The historic 150 year old house serves as a home for the Gibbs Fellowship Program and features a developing permaculture landscape full of resources and projects to get excited about.

We support or lead a variety of collaborations with other departments and offices on campus including the campus’ Climate Action Plan.

Our work is not limited to the campus. We actively support local sustainability incubator initiatives while also participating in global dialogues that will shape the future of sustainability in higher education