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Streaming Video

Western Michigan University provides several Streaming Video services, including hosting streaming media, streaming of pre-recorded events, live event streaming, and development of content for classroom and online training. Consulting is also available for the use of streaming technologies,such as encoders, editing software, digital camcorders, and more. For more information visit the Media Services website or call 269-387-5020.

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My Mediasite and mediasite desktop recorder (mdR)

Western Michigan University uses the Mediasite Video Platform to provide video streaming, hosting and video capture services to the University community. The Mediasite platform has been in use at WMU since 2006.  In 2013 we added the TechSmith Relay application which allowed WMU faculty, staff and students to capture content on their computer screens and upload the content as video to the Mediasite platform.  WMU's needs have changed over the last 3 years and we are now transitioning to My Mediasite and Mediasite Desktop Recorder.  The use of TechSmith Relay will be phased out on June 1, 2017. Even though TechSmith Relay is being phased out, all of the recordings that you made with it are still available.  You will not need to re-record your existing content.

My Mediasite is a portal that allows the user to manage the video content they have created with the Mediasite Desktop Recorder. Mediasite users have several options to assist them in transitioning to the new portal and desktop recorder. You may enroll in one of the many workshops that are offered throughout the academic year. Videos detailing installation and use of the Mediasite Desktop Recorder and the My Mediasite portal are available below.  A handy PDF is available to supplement the videos and offer additional information.

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