Andragogy—non-traditional teaching/learning for adult learners, distance education/online learning


WMU is one of few educational institutions in are that have many satellite campuses throughout the state, midwest and nation.


We need to reach out to students in these remote sites to better provide teaching and learning resources to these sites and for non-traditional learners.


Find out how students actually learn best, which is not necessarily lecture format, especially life long  and change of career, non-traditional students, offer various programs and curricula that allow student solid learning experiences thru distance education and, most importantly supply and maintain/upgrade the resources to provide for these type of teaching and learning.  Revamp and re-energize the current distance education and online learning resources to meet the needs thru emerging technologies etc.

Fully support collaborative conferencing, classroom, and lab related technologies throughout campus to provide a similar high-tech environment of student and staff interaction and learning experiences including web, cell phones, interactive displays/smart, simulation, gamification, social network, podcasts, AI, augmented reality, VR, 3D printing, cloud computing, MOOCs, wearable tech etc.