Western Michigan University is the only place that every undergraduate student has an apprenticeship from matriculation through graduation.


  • The benefits of an internship or co-op experience, but taken to the next level with work experience happening throughout the entire academic year.
  • Every undergraduate would graduate with significant work experience.
  • New way to pay for college with apprenticeship hosts paying student tuition and fees (and scholarships going to host sites such as non-profits, to help them have apprenticeships).
  • 15,000 new "jobs" in Kalamazoo region to help accelerate businesses and regional growth. Jobs would be higher skilled than the salary might typically entail, as a focus would be on educating the students.


  • Apprenticeship for every undergraduate student.
  • Would need to align apprenticeships with majors and programs of study (with some being specific to an individual major and others being open to multiple majors).