WMU Broadcast Center with 100% Collaborative Spaces


Western Michigan University is the only place that allows students to use and share world knowledge to teach themselves rather than absorbing it by osmosis.


World knowledge doubled every century in 1900. In 1945 it was every 25 years. Currently its 13 months and soon it will double every 12 hours. Technology is the future of education. This pervasive technology is needed to communicate sound and light of global origin allowing knowledge transfer for local and distant learning.

Traditional television, media and IT are merging, in addition to taking conventional classes students want delivery of education where they work and live. This concept will improve the flow of world knowledge to our students and instructors. Increased learning and retention. Maximize flexibility and saturation of University messages and allow Instant real time communications for emergencies.


  • I’d like to see a real time live WMU broadcast center that hits the four screens (PC, Smart Phone, Cable, Digital Signage) as well as all the classrooms airing content created by staff and students with news and activities from around campus. This venue could be used for marketing purposes. It would be composed of a centrally located broadcast center with  cameras, a switcher, monitors, playback equipment, audio mixer and mics. Remote productions could feed in from Waldo Stadium, the ice arena for games and from Miller for Graduation. A remote package would allow broadcast from anywhere on campus for ground breaking,  VIP presentations and special events.
  • I would like to see each of our classroom become a collaborative education technology space that uses the internet along with built in and user devices to streamline and ease the flow of information from the web to display devices in the room. Any person in the room (not just the instructor) could find web content and display it on a screen via their device, or a built in device to share with the class greatly improving the inflow on knowledge from the world to the classroom.
  • I believe we should also have a separate dedicated path of HD video and sound to the displays in each collaboration room (classroom) for University communication from the WMU Broadcast Center.
  • Each classroom is like a display without any programing until the instructor hooks up his laptop.
  • Before and after each class starts we have a captive audience whose eyes are highly prized.
  • Its a direct communications path from Westerns brass to the students and instructors.
  • This could also be used for emergency communications and digital signage. Every classroom could be a live viewing room for a presentation greatly increasing the size of conferences. For instance the keynote speaker for Medieval could talk to all participant anywhere on campus or in the world. Any collaboration space could be routed to any other space or all spaces, cable and the web.
  • I think this is a great opportunity to help communicate world knowledge using technology.