Bronco Promise Scholars


Western Michigan University is the only place that ensures 1:1 help to guarantee student success from entrance to graduation and beyond.


A more diverse and successful student population, and the knowledge that the Kalamazoo Promise is truly fulfilled for all students.


Bronco Promise Scholars is a high-profile structured program, similar to the  UMBC Meyerhoff Scholars program, designed to help first-generation, minority, and economically challenged students thrive on campus. This umbrella program's 1:1 counseling connects students with campus services and financial aid, including increased POC-specific  mental health support, in-depth orientation and minority-focused-and-led prep programs, and an emphasis on acknowledging and rewarding academic progress.

The high visibility of this program increases its effectiveness: as with UMBC, because prospective scholars know they will find a community specifically designed to support their success, they overwhelmingly make the choice to bring their talents to WMU, and continue that community pride long after graduation. 

A major criticism of the Kalamazoo Promise is that while it does improve prospects for students who were already likely to attend college, it does not do enough to support students who face financial challenges, or have no familial history of postsecondary education.  Bronco Promise Scholars bridges that gap with a single program espousing the community necessary to deliver fully on that potential.