Broncos Volunteer


Western Michigan University is the only place that the community and campus unite to bring about about change through service.


  • This provides volunteers to area organizations.
  • This impacts the people who benefit from those volunteers.
  • This helps students gain not only volunteer hours but a sense of purpose and happiness knowing that you are helping others. It builds a resume and it is a great source of networking.
  • Registered Student Organizations would be able to be aware of all volunteer opportunities in the area and participate as a group.


  • This program would include a website that is known by all in Kalamazoo as a place to post volunteer positions. Currently, Kalamazoo has a volunteer website that is through Gryphon Place but it isn't used and it not geared towards college students.
  • Student organizations would be able to partner with area nonprofits and help the community through their time.
  • Staff would be needed as faculty liaison that unites groups or individuals with service opportunities that are the right fit for them. This person/people would be responsible for the administration of this program.
  • As a student, I wish that something like this was available and I had a hard time finding volunteer opportunities that would help give me experience in my field and worked with my schedule. I often had to call an agency/organization to see if they had any opportunities simply because there was no platform being used to advertise volunteer opportunities.