WMU Continuing Care Retirement Communities


Western Michigan University is the only university in the nation that integrates CCRC with undergrad, graduate and medical school programs.


Continuing care retirement communities are retirement communities with accommodations for independent living, assisted living and nursing home care, offering residents a continuum of care. A person can spend the rest of his life in a CCRC or life plan community, moving between levels of care as needed. People in the senior housing industry call this “aging in place,” although it does require leaving one’s original residence. WMU will have built in activities (sports, theater, academic talks, etc).


WMU CCRC initiative is to have a life plan community for the biggest population this country will have encountered year to date (10,000 people a day go on Medicare). The benefits will be to the residents but also to the educational value of all our health professions, undergraduate and medical school. It will differentiate WMU as the leader in programs to maintain our aging in the independent or assisted living vs the more expensive nursing home. It will be very attractive for not only the students wanting to become part of the CCRC but future residents.