Center/Dept for Artificial Intelligence Studies


Western Michigan University is the only place that understands that AI will change the landscape and that our students need to be prepared.


  • As artificial intelligence (AI) moves into every sector of the economy, WMU students need to be prepared to engage with a rapidly changing landscape. AI will impact every single academic major at WMU in some substantial way. The future of work and that of WMU students will include social robots, artificial intelligence agents, and human-robot assemblages (e.g., cyborgs, machine-augmented persons).
  • Cutting-edge research about AI in daily living.
  • Career preparation for students in the changing AI dependent future.
  • Synergy with changes at WMU Medical School and WMU Business Technology and Research Park as AI continues development.
  • Global engagement.


  • WMU would be a leader in this area, especially among peer institutions. As the future unfolds, more universities will start to think about moving in these directions.
  • Let's be one of the first.
  • A center point and partnership for all AI-related research and teaching at WMU.
  • Potential minors in AI Studies (focusing on both the science and humanities aspects).