the results of Phase 2

All the big ideas were collected and we thank you for your involvement. In Phase 2, we assembled an enthusiastic design group that helped hone the ideas.

These design prototypes are being shared at the Phase 3 design workshops.

the results of Phase 1

After the initial prompted design session, the groups were asked to sort their individual thoughts into common themes. Once similar ideas were categorized, groups worked to identify the strongest themes and transform their individual thoughts into collective big ideas, the goal being to collect as many big ideas as possible. This was Phase 1.

The Think Big team analyzed the 141 Big Ideas generated at the town halls, their features, benefits, and differentiators, identified their commonalities, where there were duplicates and similarities, and distilled them to a list of approximately 100 Big Ideas, 30 common features, and 30 common benefits.

All big ideas live here

The ideas below were conceived by our students, faculty, staff, donors, alumni and community members through a process of guided design sessions during Phase 1.