Green Century


Western Michigan University is the only place that offers a comprehensive program with degrees focused on environmental sustainability.


Their investments fund the only university in Michigan that offers a unified destination for environmental careers.


"WMU's Green Century program unifies the university's many environmental science and sustainability programs with one major theme: Creating a sustainable world for the coming century.

Similar to the agreement with the Bronson nursing program,  Green Century creates a bridge between environmental vocational programs at community colleges, such as KVCC's Wind Turbine Technician Academy and Sustainable Brewing program to create an educational network for both scholarship and hands-on field training, and also works hand-in hand with Cooley Law School to strengthen and expand the Environmental Law degree program.

In addition to traditional Environmental Science degrees, Green Century creates new majors including undergraduate and graduate programs in:

  • Environmental Political Science
  • Environmental Data Science
  • Sustainable Business Analytics
  • Sustainable Civil Engineering
  • Renewable Power Systems Engineering
  • Sustainable Printing and Package Design
  • Environmental Public Health
  • Sustainable Dietetics
  • Sustainable Aviation Science
  • Environmental Journalism
  • Environmental Humanities (see

Building on the success of the Research and technology park, the Green Century program also joins forces with sustainable Michigan businesses to not only ensure job placement after graduation, but to identify and train for jobs that don't yet exist.

With its proximity to the Great Lakes, its long history of technology investment, and its commitment to research, WMU's Green Century program unites years of environmental dedication into its new defining purpose.