Independent Learning


Western Michigan University is the only place that you teach yourself.


  • Cheaper classes.
  • More time for faculty to focus on research.
  • Student learn to learn.
  • More flexibility for students.
  • More networking opportunities.


  • A selection of classes in every department which do not involve an instructor, or only have a TA. These classes would include frequent testing with a set study guide which students study and learn on their own, there would be no lecture. There could also be a project and/or internship type of activity which must be completed.
  • These classes would be structured a lot like online classes, however they would not need to be redesigned every semester. Instead, the department's faculty designs them once, and any grading is handled by a TA. Ideally, grading would be done automatically through elearning so no TA is necessary. In order to get help with the material, students would need to reach out to any professor in the department for help, which would increase networking opportunities.
  • These classes could be significantly cheaper, and provide students with the skills to learn independently. They could also provide great flexibility for non-traditional students.