Innovation to Impact


Western Michigan University is the only place that invests in research that makes a proven impact on society at the local, state and national level.


  • Funders feel confident that their money was well spent.
  • The community sees gains in well being.
  • Good documentation and tracking ensures the idea can replicated in other jurisdictions.


  • An idea that is supported by the university that is shared proactively with state and federal legislators (not passively shared only after someone contacts the university about it).
  • An idea that is proactively pitched and covered in local and national media outlets.
  • These things can't happen unless the university administration is regularly surveying faculty about their research and offering to assist with dissemination efforts.  Most faculty don't think about dissemination beyond journal articles because these other dissemination efforts don't count for tenure/promotion.  Most of the ivy league schools like Michigan, Berkley and Washington are revising tenure requirements and pushing and incentivizing faculty to engage in more innovative strategies to disseminate their work.