Invest in Athletics


Western Michigan University is the only place that had 45,000 fans, donors, alumni show up in Detroit for the MAC Championship Game.


Successful athletic programs and well attended events give fans, donors, alumni and current students the opportunity to come together and celebrate being a Western Michigan University Bronco! Think Big! Having 30,000 fans at a football game and being able to promote the success of our colleges and academic programs. Having nationally televised games where we can tell our story.


Upgrades to our aging athletic facilities so we can recruit the best and brightest student athletes and coaches. Upgrades to our athletic facilities so we can enhance the experience for our fans, donors, alumni and students. Upgrades to our athletic facilities so we can enhance our image to the community at large. Look hard at what the University of Central Florida has done and see what we can apply here at WMU. More partnerships with community and state of Michigan stakeholders. What partnerships can we create and develop with Pfizer, Stryker, GM, Ford, Bells Brewing, Airlines.  Investment in Athletics. Be leaders instead of followers. Be on the cutting edge. Do something first!