Personal Finance Requirement


Western Michigan University is the only place that will help its students to have a more sustainable future and create an environment where everyone can prosper.


  • Students will be more financially stable.
  • With students having a better understanding of the financial world, they will create a more sustainable community where many can move towards prosperity.
  • The earlier we start teaching students the better off.


With personal finance being required for every students, they will graduate with a better understanding of how money works and will help them make better financial decisions. Many people struggle financially not because they don't earn enough but because of poor decisions which is caused by the  lack of financial education at younger age. While many say that money doesn't bring happiness, not having money can make us miserable and we work half of our life to earn it. After all, student's come to college so they can be better off financially and be able to provide for their families comfortably, but many of the students graduating with a degree become victim of not being financially stable which makes a college degree just useless piece of paper.

Let's together build an environment where where everyone can prosper by providing them with the tools necessary.