Purpose and Belonging


Western Michigan University is the only place that provides community for those seeking a higher purpose.


  • Isolation, loneliness, anxiety, and depression plague our society. Suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death amongst youth. Institutions that have traditionally provided communities for belonging, purpose-finding, and self-actualization—such as the church and civic society—have failed to capture today's youth. Disaffiliation is the hallmark of our times.  Absent these forums, youth today are adrift, disconnected from communities that help them answer who they are, why they exist, and their gifts to benefit society.
  • WMU provides community and a sense of belonging  for those who long for fellowship in their journey to discover their purpose. We provide a transformational experience in an safe, welcoming, and inclusive atmosphere. Our programming strengthens, energizes, and propels students by helping them find their purpose. Our education experience does not stop at what you know or what we can do. We engage with matters of the soul. In doing so, we provide a panacea to societal dysfunction: a space for joyful belonging and becoming.


  • Programming and shared experiences that provide venues for fellowship, self-reflection, accountability, and personal transformation.
  • Unique advising services that touch the whole student and help them discover their unique gifts to benefit society.
  • Connection between course content to questions of identity, purpose, and social impact.
  • Specialized training of faculty, staff, and advanced students to help accompany students on their journey.