Spherical 360 Degree and 3D Environment Capture for Google Maps


Western Michigan University is the only place that allows student and staff to see every square inch of the physical environment captured at different times on Google Maps.


Students can see where they will be attending University like they are actually there. Campus planners can see areas of the campus at different times or seasons for visualizing construction, landscaping or event planning.


I answered a help call for Recruitment at Schneider 2000 June 1st 2018 and was asked if I was the ""Google Man". They told me the 360 photos I have posted on Google Maps are "the number one way students are searching for and finding Western." I have over 2,000,000 views now on Google Maps. There is much more that can be done to showcase Western inside and out using full motion 360 videos, virtual tours, photos and 3D technologies.

Someone could follow a tour group around campus and viewers of the video could see any angle while listening to the guide. With 3d goggles it would be similar to actually being there. 360 video has an incredible amount of information as it capture every angle 30 time per second. Each 30th of a second is like 40 different photos.

One idea I have tested is mounting the 360 camera on the bottom of a quad copter and capturing street view 360 video and imagery at 20ft -100ft height.
This is a currently unseen and totally new technique. The video would be like floating around campus and being able to look in any direction. This could also be done in buildings to showcase interior space.

Facilities and Architects could use the photos for planning as it saves the time of having to drive out to a location and take photos. This same technology could be located on a podium to capture a VIP giving a presentation. The videos viewer would have the ability to pan around and see the speaker as well as the audience and the room.

Its also applicable to distance learning and virtual meetings. 360-degree telepresence. Its just been a casual hobby in my spare time but if someone spent more time creating and capturing I'm sure content and hits could be dramatically improved. This could drive enrollment.