The Wheel


Western Michigan University is the only place that believes in your dreams.


  • Once a project has gone through "The Wheel" process, the University would get name recognition and bragging rights for their assistance on the project.
  • Once completed, a successful product or business would be produced that contributes to the world and people in real ways and WMU was a part of it.
  • Grad Students get an opportunity to work on real life problems and solve real life issues which helps them build a resume.
  • What goes around comes around. If the University helps others, than others will help the University.
  • The students and alumni know WMU is interested in helping them achieve their goals past graduation.


  • Created for alumni, graduate students, and faculty "The Wheel" is a program dedicated to helping WMU students, alumni, and faculty achieve their business dreams or create their dream invention.
  • This program would provide the resources needed such as business plans, legal assistance, marketing tools, media, networking connections, investors, etc.
  • The Wheel will take a business concept or invention step-by-step through the necessary processes until the project is completed.

This concept was inspired by Purdue Universities "Foundry."