Why Am I WMU


Western Michigan University is the only place that invests in students undergraduate education and the mechanisms for their transition into graduate school.


Students are engaged in delving deeper into research topics within their fields. These individuals would then develop presentations on how their research interests pertain to a particular topic for that year. The winners would be chosen by a panel of WMU administrators and students would have an opportunity to win GA positions at WMU.

This allows WMU to develop a discovery driven module for undergraduate students and begin to develop interest in individuals attending graduate school. This would also be an opportunity for visiting families of prospective students to learn about the developmental practices that students will have access to at WMU.


  • This program would allow for healthy competition between various academic departments.
  • Allows for students to understand the methods one must take to create and implement research projects.
  • Can invite potential employers to campus and allow for our students to shine in front of potential employers.