The telecommunications and information management major from Western Michigan University will prepare you for an exciting career in network and computer systems, information assurance and security management, information technology management, and digital media—all of which are in need of talented individuals like you!

Focused on giving you a well-balanced education in business and technology, the program will provide a working knowledge of telecommunications and information systems, as well as a solid foundation in communication and problem solving.

In this interdisciplinary major offered through the College of Arts and Sciences and the Haworth College of Business, you’ll learn about the variety of telecommunications and data communication sub-disciplines, including telephony, database management, network operations, cable television, satellite communication and Internet communication.


Program requirements for majors offered by:


Graduates of the telecommunications and information management major will receive a Bachelor of Arts degree from the College of Arts and Sciences or a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the Haworth College of Business.


If you have questions or concerns related to your coursework, or you seek career advising, contact:

Haworth College of Business: Dr. Pairin Katerattanakul

College of Arts and Sciences: Dr. Richard Gershon