Students at Western Michigan University's Haworth College of Business are doing more than learning—they’re discovering, evolving and defining their success. As a college committed to excellence, we recognize the caliber of our students by honoring them as fundamental parts of campus and the community.

Once highlighted through the Trailblazers program, we now feature students as part of the “The 30,” a publication that recognizes emerging business leaders—both students and alumni—who are providing thought leadership and innovative perspectives in the business world. 

Like many publications highlighting business leaders, The 30 honors impact in the business world, and it also connects alumni and students through events and networking. Twenty alumni will be selected, in addition to 10 students.

If you are a student who would like to apply for The 30, then fill out our nomination form for the college's digital publication.


If you have any questions about The 30 or the application process, please contact Molly Goaley.