Orientation Program Cost

The New Student Orientation fee is $210, and is billed directly to the student account with fall tuition and other University fees.  This cost covers all programming expenses, meals, and accommodations for the student, as well as programming expenses and meals for up to 2 family members.   This fee is derived by calculating the total annual operating costs of the program, and dividing it by the total number of students that attend.  Therefore, we are unable to prorate the fee, should you decide not to partake in any part of the program, and we are unable to offer any fee waivers. 

You can cancel your Orientation registration at any time (prior to attending), without charge, by calling the Office of Student Transitions at (269) 387-2167, or by emailing orientation@wmich.edu.  Because this entire fee goes directly to the actual expenses incurred during the Orientation program, it is non-refundable, once a student attends the program.