Orientation Registration

Please register for Orientation through one of the links below.  Once you have registered, you will receive an email confirmation, and you can view your Orientation session and make changes by logging into your Gold Gateway Portal


New Student Orientation.  June 3-28, 2019.  We offer 9 sessions to choose from.  This is the main Orientation program in which most beginners will attend.  When registering, please remember that Orientation requires an overnight stay on campus.  

Alternate Sessions

Honors-First Orientation.  June 14, 2019.  This is not an option for all honors students. Students attending this session will have participated in the Medallion Scholarship Competition, and participated in the “Honors-First” program in the spring. Through this program, they will have already received academic advising and registered for fall classes.   Honors-First students wishing to attend a traditional overnight session, may do so by registering through the New Student Orientation link above.

Final Freshman Orientation.  August 24, 2019.  Students that live more than 300 miles from Kalamazoo, may opt to attend this session (after they arrive for the Fall semester) rather than a traditional session in June. These students will be required to wait until this time to meet with an Academic Advisor and register for classes.

Transfer and Contemporary Learner Orientation Program.  This Orientation option is for ALL transfer students and ANY new beginner student aged 22+.  If you graduated from High school in 2019, do not register for this program.  If you are a beginner student that graduated in 2016 or before, you may choose to attend this program as opposed to a traditional overnight Orientation session.