What are the 34 Strengths?

Curious to know what all 34 Strengths are? Download the quick reference document.

When you take the assessment you will receive your Top 5 Strengths, along with several reports explaining the terms and offering insight as to what that means for you. You will also have life-long access to your Gallup account, which will provide you with valuable resources as you continue to dive deeper into embracing your Strengths.

Your Strengths truly make you a unique individual.  In fact, the chances of you having the same Top 5 in the same order as someone else are 1 in 33 million!

It is important to know that everyone possess all 34 Strengths. All 34 signature themes are ranked for you in some capacity and it is important to know that you are not lacking in any of them. Those towards the top of your list simply come more naturally to you than others. You receive your Top 5 because it has been scientifically proven to be the easiest number to memorize in numerical order.

It is also important to remember that CliftonStrengths are not prescriptive. You can do any job or study any major with any combination of Strengths. There is no direct correlation between individual Strengths and success in academic majors.  Instead, we encourage you to understand what you do best and determine how to apply it to be successful in any major or career.