How to use Strengths

How to Use Strengths

For students

  • After you take the assessment, meet with a Strengths Champion for an individual coaching session.  Many students say this is the best way to help them truly understand what their Strengths mean and how to productively apply them.
  • Use Strengths language to convey what you do best on resumes and in interviews.
  • Find good-fit extra-curricular activities that fit your passion and help you thrive.
  • Understand how to leverage your Strengths to be successful academically – how and when do you best think, study, retain information, and take tests? Having this self-awareness can help you be a more engaged and productive student.
  • Know what value you bring to a group and understand what type of partners you need to come alongside you so that you have a dynamic team.

 For Faculty/Staff

  • Discover your Top 5 and have an individual coaching session. Beginning to speak the language of Strengths will allow you to connect with students and/or colleagues who also know their Strengths.
  • Consider having your department sponsor the purchase of access codes so that you can integrate Strengths into your current classwork or work environment.  Strengths is not about adding “one more thing” to your agenda, it is about intentionally incorporating awareness into what you already have planned. It is also a great professional development tool to create a culture of affirmation and engagement.
  • Request a Strengths Champion to facilitate an Intro to Strengths presentation in your classroom or for your staff as professional development.
  • Additional Strengths activities can also be added to your class or staff during the semester.
  • Participate in Strengths Academy to be WMU Strengths Champion.