Transfer Ambassador Program




Making the decision to transfer to a new college/university can often be an overwhelming experience for many students.  During the spring semester, we also work with new beginner students too.  Through the Transfer Ambassador Program (TAP), incoming transfer students will be assigned a Transfer Ambassador, a current WMU student. The Transfer Ambassador will assist incoming students as they make their transition to the University by helping to facilitate a supportive network through regular communication (phone, email or in-person).  In addition, the Transfer Ambassador will help to raise awareness of services/resources available on campus and throughout the Kalamazoo community.  Ambassadors are responsible for planning regular programs, activities, workshops and events specifically for transfer students.

Take a minute to meet our staff.  As you read the biographies, you may find yourself with a question or two, go ahead and reach out to that ambassador. 




Tori (Victoria) Stevens

Position: Transfer Student Services Intern

Class Standing: Senior

Major/Minor: Music Therapy


 Words from Tori:  Hello Everyone! My Name is Tori Stevens and this is my fourth year here at Western Michigan University. I have always attended Western and have loved every minute of it. I have enjoyed my time in the office of student transitions as an Orientation Student Leader, FYS co-facilitator, Orientation Co-Coordinator and now as the Transfer Student Services intern. These positions have given me a deep connection and love for WMU and leadership. Outside of the office, I adore hammocking and making music and will always say yes to a game or movie night.  Even though I am not a transfer student, I am so excited to work with you all and please contact me with any questions or concerns you may have!


Allie Adent

Position: Transfer Ambassador

Class standing: Senior

Major/minor: Aerospace Engineering/Mathematics

Transfer from: Purdue University


Words from Allie:  Hi!  I love playing soccer, running, as well as hanging out with the amazing friends that I've made here. I am always out and about enjoying the many things there are to do on campus, as well as the countless number of clubs here for students to join! You'll never have a dull moment at WMU, so make sure you get out, have some fun, and see how much this school has to offer!

(Jack) Tuiasi Burgess

Position: Transfer Ambassador

Class standing: Junior

Major/minor: Computer Information Systems

Transfer from: Tarrant County College

Email: (returning fall 2019)

Words from Tuiasi:  Talofa and Malo Lelei, welcome to WMU.  I transferred to WMU after receiving my Associates degree in Texas.  One of my favorite things to do (when I have time away from school and work) is to be outdoors. Michigan gives me a lot of chance to be out, although as an islander walking in flip-flops in February is tough.  I love that Kalamazoo is a college town but also keeps its small-town feel.  The school seems to welcome you in like family.  The four-year world is very different from the community college, but part of the college experience is to step outside your comfort zone.  As a Polynesian just coming so far North away from my friends, family and culture was part of that experience.  My advice to incoming students is to explore yourself, your culture and your perceptions by stepping outside your box too!

FaithAnn Harp

Position: Transfer Ambassador

Class standing: Junior

Major/minor: Elementary Education Special Education

Transfer from: Muskegon Community College

Email: (returning Fall 2019)

Words from FaithAnn: Hi! I was in the Early College program of North Ottawa County and from that program came to Kalamazoo to complete my degree. Coming to WMU I wanted to become involved, and Western does not disappoint with the opportunities. I became a part of some RSO's, joined Sigma Kappa Sorority, and was a student orientation leader over the summer. My favorite thing about Western is the culture on campus. The students are welcoming, the faculty is warm, and the amount of activities available to students makes it so easy to feel at home and have so much fun!

McKenzie Reilly

Position: Transfer Ambassador

Class standing: Junior

Major/minor: Early Childhood Education

Transfer from: Kalamazoo Valley Community College - Kalamazoo, Michigan


Words from McKenzie:  Hello! In my spare time I like to run, play lacrosse, do DIY projects, and hangout with family and friends! My advice to incoming transfer students is to get involved and don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone! Choosing to come to Western to further my education was the best decision I could have made and I am looking forward helping other transfer students with their transition to such a great school!